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Orlando Bloom Defends 'Problematic' Satire of Prince George: 'There Is No Bad Faith' |  Property

Orlando Bloom Defends ‘Problematic’ Satire of Prince George: ‘There Is No Bad Faith’ | Property

PropertyThe new animated series “The Prince,” from the makers of “Family Guy,” can draw on a lot of criticism. The satirical series about the British royal family, starring Prince George, premiered last week. Viewers are already demanding that the series be taken out of the tube. But Orlando Bloom (44), who plays the voice of Prince Harry, thinks otherwise.

Many viewers find it unacceptable that The Prince makes 8-year-old Prince George – the eldest son of Prince William and therefore the future King of England – look like this. He appears to be “too mean, too spoiled and too effeminate in the series”. “It’s not good, you should stay away from the children.”

British psychologist Shula Moss Shogbamemo also took part in the case. During a debate at Good Morning Britain, she was very clear: “Just to be clear: the kids are too Out of bounds. Making a parody about an 8-year-old isn’t funny, and no one’s ever heard of it. This goes against our collective values ​​and sense of responsibility. I really understand that people love to laugh with the royal family. But you don’t have a poorly made-up perspective for an 8-year-old to do that.” Plus, she stresses that George can be bullied by other kids at school, while his life as a prince is very emotionally heavy.

Orlando Bloom plays Prince Harry in the controversial series, and finds him to laugh. “It’s not malicious,” he says. “Gary Janetti, the creator of the series, really has a finger on people’s pulse. He knows what’s going on, and he allows that to shine through in the series.” The fact that Orlando can now call Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle his neighbors doesn’t stop him from making fun of them in The Prince. “Although I have to talk to Harry about it the next time I see him. And maybe I’ll see him again, that’s how the universe works. I won’t be able to avoid it.”

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