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Over 13 hectares of additional nature and open space at ASSE

– The Flemish government protects more than 13 hectares of open space in Asse, Flemish Brabant. Concretely, Flanders is now working to ensure that houses are never built in three areas of the Žilek sub-municipality, which until now were designated as residential areas. This means that about 26 football fields of green space are no longer threatened by development. More than 2 hectares will be used for agriculture and more than 10 hectares will become nature and parks. This means that there will always be a beautiful green belt around the Zelik Center. “We protect and promote the green character of the Flemish Rand region,” say Flemish Rand Minister Ben Wiets and Environment Minister Zuhal Demir. “Thanks to this decision, we can continue to develop green spaces in Assi.”

3 open space areas in the Flemish city of Zeleke (Aase) in Brabant have hitherto been threatened by future development. In the Regional Spatial Implementation Plan (GRUP), the three areas are classified as residential areas. However, the municipality of Assi wants to focus on the densification of existing residential areas and has asked the Flemish government to change the GRUP. If the destination of the three areas changes, the current open space will be preserved for the future and more green space can also be created.

The Flemish government now protects more than 13 hectares of open space in Zeleke. More than 2 hectares will now become permanent agricultural areas and more than 10 hectares will become natural areas and parks. This is equivalent to about 26 football fields, as no more homes will be built. Thanks to this decision, green spaces can be developed further and a real local park can be formed. The green belt around Zelik Center will become more beautiful.

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“During the last government, we planted more than 200,000 trees in Vlaams Rand, including about 10,000 trees in Asse,” says Flemish Regional Minister Rand Ben Wiets. “We naturally feel the pressures of urbanization from Brussels in our region, but we are pursuing a firm policy to preserve and enhance the green character of the Flemish Rand.”

“The municipality of As is putting its shoulders behind the construction transformation. “Together we will combat fragmentation and unnecessary construction,” says Environment Minister Zahal Demir. “13 hectares of open space; this is nothing. It is also beneficial for the agricultural sector, because it creates large areas of agricultural land. Finally, it’s also good for nature lovers, because the majority of reuse goes to nature and parks so Ace proves that nature and agriculture can coexist perfectly.