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Overmars' successor shoots into the air like a missile

Overmars' successor shoots into the air like a missile

Antwerp is committed to a new direction following the temporary departure of Marc Overmars. CEO Sven Jakes and head scout Joachim Verkeny will take over on an interim basis.

Vercaigne's career received a boost thanks to Terem Moffi's successful move to KV Kortrijk. He is known for his extensive network and will increasingly play a key role in the club's transfer policy.

Jaecques and Vercaigne replace Overmars

Marc Overmars has decided not to appeal against the global ban imposed on him for his inappropriate behaviour, and this has serious consequences for the Antwerp club, both in terms of sport and transfers.

As Director of Football, he was involved in day-to-day affairs, knew the process and needs, arranged incoming and outgoing transfers and was a sounding board for Mark van Bommel.

In Overmars's absence, CEO Sven Jakes (42 years old) and chief scout Joachim Verkeny (38 years old) will take over his duties for the next nine months.

Since last month, Jaecques and Vercaigne have been the point of contact for agents and managed the outgoing transfers for Arthur Vermeeren (Atletico Madrid) and Arbenur Moja (Samsunspor).

Jaecques is no doubt happy that he can share the additional role of director of football affairs with Vercaigne. Jack previously held the dual role of sporting director and CEO for one year at Antwerp, but it was against his will.

Verkine's career is skyrocketing due to the Movi deal

Although he is a little-known name to the outside world, Joachim Verkini has over a decade of experience in the world of football.

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The big start of his career began in 2012 at Club Brugge, where he worked as a researcher and database manager within the scouting department. His experience grew steadily, and in 2019 he moved to KV Kortrijk, where he emerged as a chief scout for his excellent work.

The highlight of Vercaigne's time at KV Kortrijk was undoubtedly the transfer of Terem Moffi.

The Nigerian striker was signed for a modest sum, several hundred thousand euros, from Lithuanian club Retirei, but was sold to French club Lorient a few months later for no less than €8 million.

This remarkable deal made Vercaigne famous in the scouting world. “Thanks to Terem Moffi's move from Kortrijk to Lorient, his career has skyrocketed,” he wrote. Sports/football magazine on time.

“Even if there is only one good player in Venezuela, I want to find him.”

When the Antwerp club decided three years ago not to continue with Luciano D'Onofrio, Sven Jakes saw the ideal candidate in Vierkene to create a new scouting cell, alongside Marc Overmars.

The club relied mainly on experienced players brought in through D'Onofrio, but faced difficulties in bringing in young talent. That's why Verkine's arrival as chief scout was a golden opportunity for Antwerp.

Today, Verkine has a team of seven scouts under his leadership in Antwerp and is making his mark on the club's transfer policy. He has an extensive network in Central and South America and searches for untapped markets.

For example, the transfer of George Ilyinichina, Willian Patcho for €16 million, bought for €3 million, to Eintracht Frankfurt bears his signature. In Ecuador, he discovered Pacho at Independiente del Valle, and later Anthony Valencia at the same club.

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“Even if there is only one good player in Venezuela, I want to find him,” Verkini said earlier. Antwerp newspaper.

Vercaigne makes a great pair with Overmars: an expert with many connections

Joachim Verkini forms a good tandem with Marc Overmars, someone who gives his employees confidence and freedom. As a duo they have links on different continents and at FC Antwerp scouting is a team sport.

“If scouting becomes a team process with people who dare to express their opinions and disagree with each other, you can reduce failed transfers to a minimum. I believe in the power of a team and Mark is the same,” said Verkine. West Flanders newspaper.

latest news He writes that Verkine is considered mature enough to make his mark at a sporting level during Marc Overmars' absence. De Standaard wrote that Vercaigne was known as an expert and had many contacts.