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“Pakistan’s decline must stop somewhere,” the coach said ahead of the Asian Cup hockey match between India and Pakistan.

After bringing the gold medal to Japan for the first time at the Asian Games, coach Seakfried Ekman expected the Olympians to come back after two goals, to put Australia ahead 3-2 in the opening game of the season. 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Kenta Tanaka scored two minutes before the long break from the open play.

Kookapura came alone in the second half and scored three goals. However, despite a 1-2 defeat to Rio Olympic champions Argentina and a 2-2 draw against New Zealand, Japan had only one point left to show their efforts at the end of the group stage.

This is an approximate result of the samurai Japan campaign in Tokyo, and the score does not reflect how well the Asian Games champions performed under FIH master coach Seakfried Aikman.

During the conversation for the men’s Asian Cup, which began with the India – Pakistan match, Aigman regretted that his name was not included in the list of achievements: Bridge He hoped to guide Pakistan, the ancient wizards of world hockey, on their way to the Olympic medal.

“Looking back on my time in Japan, I think I’ve achieved almost everything – but not so important. I did not win a medal at the Olympics. We went out on the team stage. Because of the Govt we can only train against each other.We do not have a Pro League where I felt the importance of international exposure at the highest level.

“I really wanted to win the medal. I have a second chance to do the same with Pakistan and I will do everything I can to do that.

“India is fine, but Pakistan continues to fall and it needs to be stopped somewhere.”

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Aikman also cited emotional reasons for his choice to work in the Indian subcontinent, but his primary focus is on reviving the game in Pakistan.

“My grandparents are from the Indian subcontinent. They are from undivided India. There were emotional reasons for coming to Pakistan.

“The second reason is that I think Pakistan should be competitive. India and Pakistan should lead hockey to world hockey. India is doing well, but Pakistan is still lagging behind and it needs to be stopped somewhere. I hope it can be stopped, revived and reassured Pakistan.

Recovering hockey in Pakistan will not be an easy task as Ekman feels that the results of the 2018 World Cup and Olympic qualifying rounds do not reflect the extent to which hockey has deteriorated in the country where he loved hockey.

In the Olympic qualifying round against the Netherlands in 2018, Pakistan almost upset the Netherlands national team in the first leg. Ming van der Weiden’s PC goal helped the Dutch to a 4-4 draw, but Max Caldas’ team beat the three-time Olympic champion 6-1 in the second leg.

However, Aikman was not occasionally impressed in matches against Pakistan’s leading teams.

“For me, it’s about getting your results. Yes, the way we play is attractive. We attack, we score some field goals and work hard. We give the opponent difficulty, but in the end we lose. Stock. “

“If you can continue to do like Belgium you are a good team for me. Yes, Pakistan may be surprised. But we cannot continue to do that.

The Dutchman thinks India are also suffering from his dissatisfaction after a disappointing third place in the AFC Champions Trophy.

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“India has not come for me yet. They won a bronze medal at the Olympics, but now they have to show consistency. They lost the Asian Champions Trophy – the first match after the Olympics.

As the heroes prepare for the FIH Hockey Pro League in Europe, the Indians have chosen to field a young and inexperienced team in the 11th edition of the Asian Cup.

Pakistan last beat India in the 2016 AFC Games, losing 12 times to traditional rivals. Mubashir Ali’s last – minute killer PC even won the 2018 World Cup four times by draw.

Thanks to the recent victories, the Indians are now approaching Pakistan in favor of the green jersey with a score of 82-64.

Since the first two teams from each group will play four times in the second round of the AFC Asian Cup, Pakistan will have more than one chance of beating India.

Both Continental giants are in Group One and need to advance beyond Japan and host nation Indonesia to reach the Super 4 stage.

The Indians will automatically qualify as hosts for the 2023 World Cup, but the most successful team in World Cup history in Jakarta will have to ensure that Siegfried Ekman tops the podium to qualify for the tournament they have won the last 4 times.

My goal is to qualify for the World Cup and I will do everything I can to achieve it.

It remains to be seen whether the Dutchman’s dream will come true, but hockey fans are ready to enjoy the 178 World Hockey Championship as two superpowers.Yes The period in history is May 23rd.