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Palestijnse brandballonnen treffen Israëlische velden in aanloop naar omstreden optocht

Palestinian incendiary balloons hit Israeli fields in…

The Israeli fire brigade was forced to leave on Tuesday due to several fires in the south of the country. The Israeli emergency services suspect that it was caused by incendiary balloons from the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

There was also a confrontation between the occupation soldiers and about thirty Palestinians at the border crossing. A controversial flag parade will take place later in the day. Both Fatah and Hamas are talking about provocation and have already called for a day of rage.

About 5,000 Israelis are expected to participate in the march, which partially passes through the Palestinian part of Jerusalem. The rally is based on supporters of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Originally scheduled for March 10, the march was halted by rocket attacks from Gaza.

Israel leaves nothing to chance and deploys about 2,000 police to secure the show. The fear is that the march could jeopardize the shaky ceasefire. The United Nations called on both sides to act responsibly and prevent the situation from escalating again.

Photo: AP
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