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Parquet Resumes Lil Klein Release, Sony Music “Doesn’t Want To Comment” Showbiz

Parquet Resumes Lil Klein Release, Sony Music “Doesn’t Want To Comment” Showbiz

showbizThe Amsterdam public prosecutor has appealed the release of Lil Klein (27). The rapper was held for several days on suspicion of assaulting his fiancĂ©e Jamie Weiss, 32, but an investigative judge allowed him to leave prison on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Sony Music, the rapper’s label, decided not to comment on the matter.

Lil Klein, whose real name is Jurick Schulten, was held for three nights on suspicion of attempted assault or aggravated assault. The conditions imposed by the investigative judge on stopping pretrial detention were not disclosed. The prosecutor does not agree with the judge’s decision, and believes that there are objections serious enough to detain the rapper for a longer period.

The spokesperson says that it often happens that the judiciary appeals a decision of an investigative judge. The council chamber must consider the court now. This is happening behind closed doors and it is not yet known when it will happen.

The musician’s attorney, Nyinke Hougerforst, said Weiss had not (yet) filed a report. According to the attorney general, this is not necessary for prosecution.

sony music

Sony Music, the record company where Lil Kleine will release albums in the future, has been silent for several days. They’ll partner with him after the rapper broke his record label TopNotch, which released his latest record two weeks ago. After the incident, Sony said on Monday it was “considering issuing a statement”, but on Thursday evening the company decided not to respond – which it faces a lot of criticism. On Thursday, a spokesman said he would not comment further on the matter. It is not clear if Sony will collaborate with Lil Kleine in the future.

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