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Particle physicist Freya Blakeman: ‘I don’t think the climate goals will be met’

In the third episode of her time capsule, particle physicist Freya Blakeman takes a glimpse into the future. “I would like to go to Africa, but poverty frightens me.”

What good advice do you need to follow urgently?

I desperately need to find a new cleaning lady for my new apartment. This is necessary if you have a busy job. When I get home, I don’t have much energy left. I don’t want to spend what’s left on my house.

I see myself as my middle, but I feel outnumbered.

Freya Blakeman

Principal scientist at DESY (German National Center for Particle Physics and High Energy) and Professor at the University of Hamburg

Which book do you still want to read?

Lots of interesting popular science books are published about the polarization of society. I think this is an interesting topic that I would like to know more about. I see myself as my middle, but I feel outnumbered.

Which movie do you still want to watch?

The new James Bond. But in Germany it is difficult to find the film in the original English version. I like the German-speaking James Bond less.

by Tijdcapsule

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What concert do you still have to attend in this life?

I would have liked to see David Bowie in action, but unfortunately that is no longer possible. He was an artist with a vision who could always reinvent himself. He was also socially involved. I always find that fun too. But I also love going to smaller bands to discover new music.

What urgently needs to be invented to make your life better?

A teleportation machine with a neutral climate will be very useful. I have to travel a lot. Among the academics there is a code of conduct with which you always travel with economy. But if you have to do it often, it can get tired.

Where do you still want to travel?

I know very little about South America and Africa. I’ve already traveled a lot in Asia, North America and Europe and I know what’s going on. But poverty in Africa scares me because I tend to sympathize with the people I meet. This stays with me.

What will life on Earth look like in 200 years?

‘wet. I don’t think the climate goals will be met. Although it should. It is a pity that there is no political will for this. It will change our lives so much. It would still be a good life, but not for everyone.

How do you know you are growing up?

The fashion circle is complete. (Laughs) I see teenagers walking around in pastel-colored striped jeans and jackets. Exactly what I wore when I was little!

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