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Period cramps keep Zheng from stunt against the number 1: 'Too much pain the first day' |  Roland Garros

Period cramps keep Zheng from stunt against the number 1: ‘Too much pain the first day’ | Roland Garros

Our tennis player Dirk Girlo had already given her some chances beforehand as a rival to world number 74 Swatek Wusing, and she also seized those opportunities in the first set, which the 19-year-old won 7/5 in the tiebreak. .

However, this performance was not pursued, Cheng was very annoyed by her rules. The Chinese said she didn’t feel any pain in the first group, but at 3-0 in the second group she asked for a medical reprieve. She massaged her back and sank into the dressing room to secure it to her right thigh.

“I actually played my legs, but that was nothing compared to my stomachache,” Zeng explained after the match. “I couldn’t play tennis, my stomach hurt a lot.”

It sounded somewhat logical “it’s about women’s issues”. “The first day is always very hard, I have a lot of pain, but I still have to exercise. I can’t go against my nature.”

“In moments like these, I really wish I could be a man on the court, so that I wouldn’t suffer from it.”

Zheng has made remarkable progress in recent years and months, including under the auspices of Carlos Rodriguez, former coach of Justin Henin, at the Henin Academy in Beijing.

She made her Grand Slam debut at the beginning of this year and was thrilled to make it to week two in Paris. “If I’m disqualified today, I’m happy with my performance here.”

“It was nice to play against the No. 1 ranked in the world. If I didn’t have a stomach ache, I would have enjoyed it more. Then I could run better, hit harder and do more on the ground. It’s a shame I couldn’t give what I wanted.” to give today.”

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“Next time I play against her, I want to be 100 percent,” I’ve already set a date for revenge.