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Peter Vandenbett on Juventus' European exit: "Symptoms of the transitional period in Juventus" |  Champions League

Peter Vandenbett on Juventus’ European exit: “Symptoms of the transitional period in Juventus” | Champions League

Villarreal ruthlessly knocked Juventus out of the Champions League on Wednesday night. For the third year in a row, De Oude Dame doesn’t make it past the 1/8 finals in the Champions Ball. Peter Vandenbempt was present as a commentator at Pickx Sports and indicated that Juventus are still in a period of transformation.

Yesterday, Juventus lost at the hands of efficient Villarreal, who scored three times in the last quarter. “It was a match that could have gone differently. Velhovic had a ball on the post and there were also a number of good header chances for Morata”, Peter Vandenbemt tied the score 0-3. “That was a bit exaggerated.”

“Villarreal chose his moments and Juventus did not. More than two games he had cents on his side, although Villarreal did not steal the qualification either.”

“Just like last year in the Europa League, I was influenced by the Spaniards. In the first half they played very well under the pressure of Juventus with poise, calmness, consultation and positional play. They played a possession game. That was impressive.”

“In the second half, there was very little of it and Villarreal stayed a lot in their rectangle. Way better than Benfica the day before in Amsterdam.”

It was a game that could have been different. Villarreal chose his moments, Juventus did not.

Peter Vandenpet

The old lady in transition

So Villarreal was a bogeyman for Juventus. In previous years, the Italians had battled Porto and Lyon in the 1/8 finals. Vandenbet concludes, “This is a symptom of the transitional period in which Juventus is present unambiguously at the moment.”

“This was already somewhat symbolized by the small role of men who were nominal like Bonucci and Chiellini, or also Buffon, who actually left. Juventus tried to correct that with Cristiano Ronaldo, but it was all a huge disappointment.”

“If you compare Juventus to the leading teams in Europe at the moment – Bayern, Liverpool and Manchester City – it doesn’t make sense that Juventus gave up the role, temporarily or otherwise.”

Looking to the future, Juventus have done a great job with Vlahovic, but that won’t happen overnight.

Peter Vandenpet

“In defense, De Ligt is international, but he has not yet reached the level of the best Bonucci or Chiellini. And if you compare the midfield with players like Rabiot, Arthur or Locatelli with the midfield of the best Juventus, including Pirlo, then there are also some The difference is in quality.

“With the opportunities, Juventus will soon return. They easily put 70 million on the table for Vlahovic. For the future, they did something great with it, but it won’t happen overnight.”

“Football at Juventus is not the new football that we see a lot today, with high pressure, high tempo and high intensity. This is not what coach Allegri stands for at the moment. But there is no guarantee that his style will not work in the future. It will be.”

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