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Peter was afraid of a wall full of tiger skins (and colors), but he got a "10" |  interior

Peter was afraid of a wall full of tiger skins (and colors), but he got a “10” | interior

bike tips
paneling on the stairs
The floral wallpaper panels on the stairs were actually Astrid’s. A strip of delight, a wink at her. If I had covered the entire wall with floral wallpaper, it would have been too brutal. It should be an accent. My advice to people who like this is to look closely at the primary colors to see if they match the environment. You can also choose a calmer pattern, and tiling the piece under the railing is also a good idea, and it’s less fragile than wallpaper. If you make the panels in the color of the stairs, then the stairs look wider. “

big dining table
“Of course you have to have space for that, but this is an open door. Perhaps you could choose an extendable table, so you can still sit with lots of visitors. Look carefully at the shape if you choose a large dining table. An oval table provides the most effective seating space. Table The round one is beautiful, but it takes up a lot of space. Check if you can extend the chair. And the position of the legs is also crucial. So you go not only to get a beautiful table, but also to get a practical table.”

painting ceiling
In this case I chose the pink roof because Astrid wanted it so much. I also had tape on the wall painted due to the high ceiling. This lowers it a little. Conversely, with a low room, you can let the wall color continue all the way to the ceiling, making the room seem higher. “

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