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Peter Waters will remain Chairman for much longer

Peter Waters will remain Chairman for much longer

Peter Waters was elected to a second term as General Chair of, the network of Christian social organizations. He got 94 percent of the vote at Saturday’s general meeting.

Wouters has been at the helm of the organization since 2017, which includes 11 founding members: ACV, CM, Familiehulp, WSM, International Committee, KWB, Femma world women, KAJ, Pasar, OKRA and Samana. In addition, Arktos, Intro group, Pax Christi, Welzijnszorg and Felies are associated partners.

During his first term in office, Wouters transformed from a formerly geographically organized internal device to a theme organized internal device, the organization reports. At the moment, the main points of the core priorities are being defined, and the president’s task will be in the coming period. It has already been proven that any active political strategy must result in more ambitious politicians and greater influence in political parties.

Recently accused in Arco file

Wouters will also have to deal with. In his second term In the wake of the Arco . file. Arcoclaim, an interest group of more than 12,000 Arco co-ops, owns the ACW umbrella Christian Employee Organizations (an entity dating back to 1945) and (formerly ACW, active since 2014). Arcoclame Wouters and National Secretary for, Lisbeth de Winter, also summoned. They are called as representatives of the de facto ACW Koepel Association of Christian Staff Organizations.