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Pierre Gasly: ​​Cho should have left more space

Pierre Gasly: ​​Cho should have left more space

Pierre Gasly started the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix in 17th place. The race did not go according to plan as the Frenchman was in contact with Guanyu Zhou. Cho pulled out and Gasly’s tire was flat.

Pierre Gasly’s weekend isn’t going as he had planned. Over the weekend at the AlphaTauri house, the pace wasn’t there yet. Both men pulled out of AlphaTauri in the first part of qualifying on Friday. Fortunately for them, they got a chance to make up for it in the enemy. For Gasly, the opportunity to achieve a good result was quickly missed. The French number 10 initially came into contact with Chu. He was able to go his way but had to go in to get a new set of tires and a new front wing. by safety car He was still able to join in and win a number of positions. In the end, the Frenchman took 17th place.

It’s going to be hard

Show me the opposite He knows he thought Cho could have kept the drivers alive. “We went to the seventh corner side by side. This is not an ideal place to drive along. If it had left a little more space, the two of us could have gotten past it.” Of course Gasly is very sorry the way it went, but that’s part of the race. He doesn’t have much confidence in racing yet. “We have to see how we get out of this. Maybe a different strategy or a different back wing or something.”

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