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Pixel 6 camera can remove annoying elements from photos

Pixel 6 camera can remove annoying elements from photos

In Google Camera, it will soon be possible to take pictures while ignoring annoying objects. This feature is possible thanks to Google’s tensor chipset, but we don’t know exactly how it will work just yet. There are also more smart functions on the way.

“Magic chewing gum”

Google already has a lot of information about pixels 6 and Pixel 6 Pro released, and we know, among other things, that the devices come with a special chipset called tensor. The focus is on artificial intelligence, and we can also see that in an upcoming Pixel 6 feature that has already been leaked. Magic eraser or “magic eraser”.

The purpose of Magic Eraser is to remove annoying elements from photos. This can be a background passerby in a holiday photo, but it is also a fence that obstructs the photo. You may have to decide which parts of the screen to remove with an eraser. It’s not yet clear if Google Camera can filter these things out in real time before the photo is taken, or if it goes into action after the photo is taken. We expect the latter.

An example of how Magic eraser works

Remove unwanted object

Interestingly, Google actually teased a similar feature at Google I/O 2018 three years ago, but development has been paused so the Google Photos team can focus on other things first. And then there was calm. Do you want an app with which you can quickly remove annoying items? Then view the file Remove unwanted objectThe app we discussed this week in ‘best apps

This magic eraser and other string have been discovered in the Google Camera app code on the Pixel 6. XDA Developers In contact with someone who was already able to obtain such a prototype. To protect anonymity, no photos accompanying the leaks have been published.

Video van de Remove Unwanted Object-app

More Camera Functions

Another upcoming feature is the ability to manually adjust the white balance in the Camera app, and there will also be the ability to sharpen out-of-focus faces in photos. Google will also offer a “timer light”. The LED flash blinks and counts down when a photo is taken with the rear camera via the self-timer. The last notable feature is “Motion Blur”. Maybe you know out-of-focus photos because there’s a lot of movement? Google wants to mimic this effect in an artistic way, but without having to sweat for it. Handsome isn’t it?

We recently saw the first real photos of the Google Pixel 6 Po. There were leaked photos and hands-on training on the phone. you can do that Find out here. In addition, this week we also found out that Google is finally Have plans with express shipping.

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