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Poland stops 200 immigrants from Belarus

Poland stops 200 immigrants from Belarus

Poland’s border control on Friday recorded more than 200 attempts by Belarusian migrants to cross the border illegally into Poland. On Saturday, authorities said those attempts had been thwarted. Six foreigners from Georgia and Russia were arrested.

On a section of the border near Bialowieza, the border guards repelled a “border attack” by a group of about 100 people, it is said.

Since Poland does not allow journalists and aid organizations into the border area, the rulings cannot be independently verified. According to a spokesman for Marius Kaminsky, Minister of the Interior and coordinator of the secret services, the situation in the border region is volatile and sometimes dangerous. Work is underway on the media attendance list.

For several weeks, thousands of migrants from Belarus have tried to cross the external borders of the European Union. The European Union accuses Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of deliberately transporting people from crisis areas to Minsk and then rerouting them to the EU borders.

Coming home

Another plane carrying hundreds of migrants took off on Saturday in Minsk to take them back to their homeland, Iraq. And it concerns a Boeing plane belonging to Iraqi Airways, heading from Minsk to Erbil. Another flight departs for Erbil on Saturday evening.

Repatriation flights are voluntary. After all, migrants no longer see a path to the European Union.

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