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Police in parliament have arrested a pro-Kurdish politician who was released after questioning

Gergerlioglu was sentenced on Wednesday to 2.5 years in prison for publishing a tweet in 2016. In it he cited a news article on a call for peace from the Kurdish organization PKK, which is on the terrorist list of Turkey, the European Union and other countries. United Nations.

The pictures that came with the news showed armed militants. On appeal, the politician was convicted of spreading terrorist propaganda.

Gergerlioglu is known as one of the few politicians to speak out against human rights abuses.

The Turkish government wants to ban HDP

Wednesday The Turkish government went to the Constitutional Court seeking a ban on Kerkerlioglu’s HDP. According to Ankara, the party is undermining the unity of the Turkish nation through the actions and statements of its members. “Turkey sees HDP as an extension of the PKK, although HDP is the opposite.

Correspondent Mitra Nasser says several HDP members, including the mayor, have been arrested recently: “The party is talking about witch hunting the entire HDP, but precisely the arrest of Gergerlioglu provokes great anger among the opposition.”

According to Nasser, he is the most respected representative of the people: “He stands for Uyghurs and women’s rights, and he continues to draw attention to the deplorable conditions in Turkish prisons. The growing repression in the country.”

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