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Police warn about WhatsApp groups settings, but is this correct?

Police warn about WhatsApp groups settings, but is this correct?

Police are currently warning of scammers who add you to WhatsApp groups and then contact you about spam, loans, and other scams. How is that exactly? We have solved it.

Prevent people from adding you to WhatsApp group

Before October 2019, anyone could add you to a group without having to give you permission. With th Modify settings for groups This has become a thing of the past. From that time you can choose From three options“Everyone,” “my contacts,” and “my contacts, except for …”. This way you are in control of who can add you to a group.

To ensure that no one can add you to groups, you can check everyone at once in the third option. You will have to do this again when adding a new contact to your address book. The second and third options allow people to send you an invitation to join a WhatsApp group. So here you can decide for yourself whether to become a member or to decline the invitation.

Police warning

Police are now warning on social media about phishing, fraud and fraud because WhatsApp was going to modify groups settings: “WhatsApp has changed the settings, so that anyone can add you to a group without your knowledge. Fraud, fraud, etc.” Find out. ?!

By default, the setting is set to “everyone,” so anyone with your phone number can add you to a group. This in and of itself is not a problem at all, because you can always choose to leave that group on your own. As shown, you can also control group invitations since 2019. Additionally, we don’t know anything about a change in those settings by WhatsApp. The company definitely won’t do that entirely, as that would generate an avalanche of negative reactions.

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Hence, the chance of becoming a victim of phishing, fraud and fraud because you have the setting on “everyone” is not greater than usual. Meanwhile, the messages have already been shared many times and people are still tweaking the setting. This is a good idea anyway.

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