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Polish newspaper contacts Brussels Airlines about "almost identifier...

Polish newspaper contacts Brussels Airlines about “almost identifier…

The Polish newspaper,, was surprised, Thursday, to see the new logo of Brussels Airlines. This is very similar to the private logo. informs Belga that Brussels Airlines has been contacted. The airline doesn’t see a problem: “There is no potential for confusion.”

Source: Belgian

Brussels Airlines has announced that it will bid farewell to the logo with fourteen red B-shaped balls after fifteen years. The balls will still be in the new logo, but there are still nine different sizes placed in a square shape.

This will ring the bell at After all, their own emblem consists of … nine red balls of different sizes in the shape of a square.

A spokeswoman for Agora, the media group to which belongs, said after a statement: “The comparison between the brand and the new brand of Brussels Airlines leaves no doubt that the graphic elements are almost identical.” from Belgium.

The group says it is analyzing the situation and has already contacted Brussels Airlines. We hope to resolve the matter quickly and amicably.

On Brussels Airlines, the logo is known. “We saw this logo prior to registering our logo as a trademark,” spokeswoman Kim Dainen said. But the airline found no reason to change the planned logo. “The two logos are not exactly the same, and the two companies operate in completely different sectors,” Dainen said. “So there is no possibility of confusion.”

Polish newspaper logo.

Polish newspaper logo.

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