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Poll: How do you unlock your phone?

Poll: How do you unlock your phone?

Do you use biometric methods or do you prefer the classic PIN? Or is your smartphone screen always on? ITdaily wants to know how IT professionals unlock their phones.

Locking your smartphone screen prevents others from accessing your messages, contact lists, or apps if the device is lost or left lying around. So it is a good security practice. Advances in biometric identification technology have provided new options for unlocking your smartphone.

What is the best topic for discussion? Classic methods such as pattern or PIN have the disadvantage that you can forget them and they are less robust than biometric data. Stealing someone's fingerprint or facial expression is much more difficult than guessing a PIN.

But biometric unlocking is not completely flawless: everyone testified that the scanner did not recognize his finger or face. This is where you stand if you don't have an alternative on hand. Others prefer to use the Smart Lock function to quickly unlock their devices.

ITdaily wants to know how IT professionals can unlock their devices. Are they fully familiar with biometric identification, or do they prefer to use a PIN code or pattern? Knowing that several methods are usually combined, the question is limited to how to do it Sweeter Unlocks your phone. You can participate in the survey by completing the survey below.

Poll: How do you prefer to unlock your phone?

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