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Pommelien Thijs kisses Flo Windey in new video: 'Feel free to call me, but I don't put a label on it myself'

Pommelien Thijs kisses Flo Windey in new video: ‘Feel free to call me, but I don’t put a label on it myself’

A date, a party and a deep kiss. In her new video, Pommelien Thijs (21) is having a romantic night with StuBru presenter Flo Windey (26). her way out as bisexual. “Although I will not introduce myself as: Hi, I’m Pommelien and I’m a bi† I’m still the same as before.”

the only one abnormal It performed well on Tiktok, Spotify, and in the charts for two weeks. But with the video clip, Pommelien Thijs now stands out clearly about the content of her new song. She sings about the first time you had feelings for a girl, and relives that moment in the clip.

Get help with this from StuBru’s face Flo and Wendy. She also regularly featured “The Picnic” as a topic on her shows Flow function And Club Flow† In the video, Thijs and Windey go on a quick date with a group of guys, but notice that they are more attracted to each other. At a party they end the evening with a kiss.

abnormal revolve around the first tensions in your stomach, and Excitement Says Thijs on the radio. I wrote it a night later my friendship with a girl suddenly increased. With all the confusion that comes with it. Before that, I only had that with boys, but then I thought: ah scores(He laughs) I felt the exact same thing for me. It is a global thing. Whether you like boys or girls, both or otherwise, that feeling is the same for everyone.”

“I wrote unusually after my friendship with a girl suddenly increased,” says Pomilian Thijs. © RR

informed the family

to abnormal Thijs appears as bisexual, although she doesn’t necessarily want to put a label on it. “Something like that is very personal. Those feelings didn’t come to me all of a sudden. You could say I’m bi, but I don’t care. I understand that a label like this provides clarity to some, but it also creates a certain stress. I don’t need to name that. It’s just that.” From now on I will not introduce myself as: Hi, I’m Pommelien and I’m a bi† I am the same as before.”

Pommelien Thijs:

Pommelien Thijs: “I don’t have to give up my sexuality. It just is.” © RR

Theg prefers to focus on her music, not just the clip’s content. “It’s a summer song that can go around anyone. I have one attention It was given to my family. I wanted them to hear it out of my mouth first, without seeing me on someone else’s screen right away.”

distance girls honey he is abnormal Thijs’ second single. Previously she had a monster hit him Now that we don’t talk anymoreHer duet with Jaap Resima.


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