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Pope Francis says goodbye to the confessor

Pope Francis says goodbye to the confessor

In addition to being the Pope’s confessor, Father Blanco held various positions in his order, including vice rector and dean and professor of philosophy at the Pontifical Franciscan University. antonianum.

Surprise visit

According to Fr Jose Manuel Sanchez Cantuwho also lives in the church of Santi Quaranta Martiri e San Pasquale Baylon, said the Pope’s visit was a complete surprise.

“This morning before 7 a.m., the doorbell rang and Father Superior told us that someone from the papal household had arrived,” Father Jose Manuel said. He said: “When I opened the door, one of the Vatican police told us that the Pope would arrive soon.” “All the brothers came to the sacristy where Father Manuel’s coffin was located, and after that the Pope arrived and greeted us.”

According to Father José Manuel, the pope spoke of Father Blanco as a “good, merciful and kind man.” The group then said morning prayers and Francis spent a few moments of sanctity at the casket.

Greetings to all Franciscans

After praying the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday afternoon, the Pope mentioned the name of his late confessor and greeted all Franciscans.

Father Manuel Blanco, a Franciscan who lived for forty-four years in the Church of Santi Quaranta Martiri e San Pascual Bailon in Rome, died the day before yesterday. He was a leader, confessor, and counselor. In commemorating him, I would like to remember the many Franciscan friars, confessors and preachers who brought honor to the Church of Rome. Thanks to them all!

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