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President Biden visits stricken Kentucky: 'I've never seen so much damage from a hurricane' |  abroad

President Biden visits stricken Kentucky: ‘I’ve never seen so much damage from a hurricane’ | abroad

Biden stressed that the national government is ready to help and praised the mentality of the population. “People came out of nowhere to help as a community, and that’s what it should be. This is how America should be. There are no red hurricanes or blue tornadoes. There are no red or blue states when something like this happens,” Biden said, referring to the party’s colors. For Democrats and Republicans.

In Dawson Springs, Biden walked among piles of rubble, uprooting trees and the remains of swept homes. He stopped several times to talk to the victims and hugged an elderly couple. He also spoke to a group of police officers.

“I’m mainly here to listen,” the chief said in Dawson Springs, where the mayor estimates that 75 percent of the place has been wiped out.

Mayfield, a town of about 10,000 residents, is one of the worst hit places. The natural disaster destroyed many buildings there. The president said he “phoned” the governor of Kentucky to ask if he could help with anything else. “I’ve never seen so much damage from a hurricane. Feel free to ask for anything,” Biden told his audience once again.

Hurricanes caused severe damage in parts of the United States on Friday and Saturday. At least 88 people were killed, 74 of them in Kentucky. Their ages ranged from two months to 98 years. More than 100 people are still missing in that state.