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President Joe Biden is ready to militarily defend Taiwan against China's attack

President Joe Biden is ready to militarily defend Taiwan against China’s attack

Biden made his statement at a press conference in Tokyo, where he is on a state visit. According to him, the duty to defend Taiwan became “bigger” after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Washington sends billions of military equipment to Ukraine, but does not send soldiers. When asked if he would be willing to do so in the event of an invasion of Taiwan, Biden answered “yes.” “This is the commitment we agreed on.”

Biden also said he is not opposed to the unification of Taiwan and China, but that it should in no way be done through military intervention. “This would destabilize the whole region, just as it is happening in Ukraine.”

A spokesman for the president softened his words shortly after, saying the United States was committed to providing military support so Taiwan could defend itself.

Chinese planes recently flew near Taiwan, and last month the Chinese military conducted military exercises near the island nation. Taiwan’s foreign ministry said it was pleased with Biden’s support. Taiwan says it will continue to invest heavily in the military, along with Japan and the United States, to ensure the island’s security.

China: Never Underestimate Our Commitment

Today, China responded to Biden’s words by saying that the US President should not diminish China’s commitment. “No one should underestimate China’s dedication, willpower and strong ability to defend national sovereignty,” a foreign ministry spokesman said.

China does not recognize Taiwan as a separate country and considers it a part of China. In 1949, the leaders of China, expelled by the Communists, fled to the island and established the Republic of China (Taiwan).

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