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broken alliance

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The problem with an event like gamescom is that many of the games on offer on it aren’t finished yet. They took a snippet from the title that works well (enough), but it doesn’t always represent the end product. In the case of the Broken Alliance, I hope this is the case.

After all, the twenty-minute demo in which I was allowed to play at the fair in Cologne didn’t taste any more. Insects were numerous and visually there was little to write about the homeland. Plus the setting itself didn’t completely blow me away…

What setting?

This setting takes us to a fantasy world, where you can command one of four factions. In this role, you travel through a world laid out on a grid where buildings, characters, and battles have a place and you have to set the events in motion. In the case of the demo, I was like a dwarf on a horse.

With this mare, I explored a small part of the world and participated in a handful of battles. These conflicts are a mixture of TRPG and card battles, where the attacks you can perform in each turn depend on the cards you draw. This arbitrariness is somewhat inconsistent with TRPG’s T, but since I didn’t exactly feel that my positioning made much of a difference in my preview, it’s hard to appreciate how annoying this was in the final title.

I hope these mechanics will be expanded significantly before release and that the Puzzles present some challenge, because in the current setup I don’t see anything that differentiates Broken Alliance from other titles in the genre. Because with pixel art you won’t stand out anymore in 2022.

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At the moment, there is very little that makes me feel positive about Broken Alliance. The game is not distinct visually, technically and in terms of gameplay. I hope the final game will have more meat on the bones, otherwise this will be a snack.