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Preview: The Chief is almost ready for Halo Infinite

Preview: The Chief is almost ready for Halo Infinite

Even twenty years after the original release, Halo’s gameplay still gets praise. So it’s no surprise that 343 Industries doesn’t want to change the essence of the shooter game. That doesn’t mean the team has been sitting around in recent years. In terms of single player, Zeta Halo appears to be a large and open playing field. In addition, the Master Chief can move around and complete tasks relatively freely, since the linear path will not always be clear.

To make traveling a little easier, the boss also gets a grappling hook at his disposal. This should make exploring vertical terrain a little easier, as this is also something that Team 343 has given more attention in this segment.

In the multiplayer realm, we see a number of innovations above the familiar. For example, the AI ​​of computer-controlled opponents seems to have been fixed and there are in-game AI systems that help you on the battlefield and report back. Also, boosts play a more important role, which this time can be used as you see fit after capturing it. Don’t wait too long, because unused energy is lost when you die.

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