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Prime Minister Netanyahu is convinced to return to power |  abroad

Prime Minister Netanyahu is convinced to return to power | abroad

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is confident that he will return to power soon. He said this in the Israeli parliament before voting on a new governing coalition without him. Netanyahu has stated that he will remain in politics and one day will lead the country again.

The parliament session should lead to a governing coalition without Netanyahu’s Likud party. At the end of the discussion, a vote of confidence in the new government will follow. If the anti-Netanyahu coalition gains confidence, it will mean the end of the right-wing politician’s 12-year premiership.

An eight-party coalition has the smallest possible majority, 61 out of 120 seats. Netanyahu and his supporters tried to undermine the brutal coalition by urging right-wing parliamentarians to withdraw their support.

The bloc’s parties are united mainly by their desire to leave Netanyahu, who is accused of corruption. Right, left and center parties participate in it. The party that defends the Israeli Arabs has also fallen into the alliance.

If approved by parliament, right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett will be allowed to lead the country for two years. After that, his coalition partner, Yair Lapid, a centrist politician and former TV presenter, will take over as prime minister.