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Prince Harry goes to court because he doesn't want to pay for his own security

Prince Harry goes to court because he doesn’t want to pay for his own security

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Prince Harry is going to court because the Home Office no longer wants to pay his bodyguards when he is in Britain.

The Duke of Sussex, who has fled to the United States, says his private security team will not be enough when he returns home. But since he relinquished his royal titles and duties in 2020, police security has also fallen to the taxpayer’s expense.

Harry now demands additional security for himself and his family when in Britain. But he does not want to pay for it and thus initiates legal proceedings.

The request came as a result of a security incident in London in July 2021 when paparazzi chased the Duke’s car as he was leaving a charity event. He says the prince felt insecure.

“He is still sixth in line to the throne, he has served twice in Afghanistan and his family has been threatened more than once in recent years,” his lawyer said.

A government spokesman said Britain’s security system was “strict and proportionate”. She declined to say whether Harry and his family could still receive protection while in Britain, but said they were monitoring the safety of every citizen.

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