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Prince Laurent mocks himself: 'I have to go to William and Kate's wedding... toss, Laura and William' |  Property

Prince Laurent mocks himself: ‘I have to go to William and Kate’s wedding… toss, Laura and William’ | Property

my novelsPrince Laurent (58) mocks himself in a home video. He pretends to be invited to the wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton. He hints that in the meantime he can talk to the squid.

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“Say, Dad, what are we going to do this weekend?” Laurent asks one of the 16-year-old twin sons. The father replied, “Listen, it’s William and Kate’s wedding on Saturday.” Confused, he seems to realize that Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011.

The prince immediately corrects himself: “What shall I say? It is Laura and William.” His niece Laura, 34, and his niece Astrid, will marry fiancé William Esvi, 31, on Saturday in Brussels. Laurent and his family, like the rest of the royal family, were invited to the wedding.

“Belgium Geolocation” with octopus

The princely play aims to announce an event for the Prince Laurent Foundation. Because Laurent continues and invites viewers to come to Animal Day at Seraing near Liege on Sunday, the day after the wedding. The event is free. And the prince, known as an animal lover, will attend.

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Prince Laurent reads about himself in the Belgian Geography magazine. © Prince Laurent Foundation

The video was filmed at Laurent’s home in Tervuren. Sits comfortably in the seat. Note the magazine in his hands: Belgian geographerParody National Geographic. The photoshop cover features a picture of the prince making a funny face. Title: “Prince Laurent finally manages to talk to the squid.”

In doing so, he is referring to another video that was recorded himself, on the occasion of his 50th birthday in 2013. In it he said to his wife Claire: “Can you imagine the intellectual wealth to be able to talk to a squid, to share its experience? To be able to talk to a mosquito, or to a bird or To a whale?” His statement raised eyebrows at the time.

Prince Laurent

Prince Laurent © rv

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