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Prince William on bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Kate: 'The focus is not on social media' |  Property

Prince William on bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Kate: 'The focus is not on social media' | Property

PropertyKate Middleton, 42 – whose legal name is Princess Catherine – was seen for the first time on Wednesday after having abdominal surgery scheduled for January. Although there was not much relief among Kings fans. The most bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding the Princess of Wales are spreading widely on the Internet. Prince William, 41, has responded for the first time to the massive speculation surrounding his wife. “His focus is on his work, not social media,” his spokesperson told People magazine.

Entertainment website TMZ shared a photo of the Princess of Wales on Wednesday, sitting in a car with her mother. In the shot, Kate is wearing sunglasses and appears to be smiling. Although the photo indicates that the princess is recovering from abdominal surgery and appears in good condition, some royal family fans believe otherwise. The photo quickly became a topic of discussion on social media, with every detail being called into question. The woman in the photo is allegedly not Princess Kate. “We really don't believe this. Kate always has a birthmark above her mouth, but in this photo it suddenly disappeared? Some are convinced that the British Palace was the one who took the photo. Others wonder why Prince William was not with his wife, especially since he did not have an appointment that day.” Image.

Prince William's spokesperson briefly responded to the massive speculation on Wednesday. “The prince’s focus is on his work and not on social media,” he always said. In recent weeks, more bizarre conspiracy theories about Princess Kate's whereabouts and health have spread on social media.

The enormous interest surrounding Princess Kate likely has to do with the fact that the exact reason for her procedure was never revealed. The princess underwent abdominal surgery last January, and is not expected to resume work until next month. Prince William had briefly stepped down from his duties to spend time with his wife, but returned to work early last month.

look. Princess Kate had to undergo abdominal surgery

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