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'Princess Amalia' mistake on Dutch gossip magazine cover: 'Very painful'

‘Princess Amalia’ mistake on Dutch gossip magazine cover: ‘Very painful’

Dutch gossip magazine secretly He thought he had an unusually cool scoop: a shot of Dutch Princess Amalia on a ski vacation with her potential love. However, the TikTok star saw the photo and recognized… herself.

Lai Wah Chung

The magazine published an important article about the couple who will be spending a ski holiday in Lech, Austria. Photos of the Dutch heir to the throne and her new love, Esbrand Caldewey – allegedly – were the first: after all, no one had actually captured the couple on the delicate plate.

But a Dutch tourist who was also present at the ski resort, introduced himself in the “exclusive” shots and put it on TikTok.

“Material Girl,” she captioned the video. Because I’m on the cover secretly Like Princess Amalia.”

The State Information Service, which provides spokespersons for the royal family, among others, also announced that the girl in the photo is not Amalia.

Everett Sanwarden, Editor-in-Chief of . magazine secretlyHe has since responded in the Dutch programme Show news: “It’s so painful. You always try as much as you can to push the limits of what you can do, and be controversial. You have to be nice now and then and take risks, but not like that. It’s not good.”

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