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Princess Delphine wants to make a strong statement tomorrow on a national holiday |  Property

Princess Delphine wants to make a strong statement tomorrow on a national holiday | Property

PropertyAfter being officially recognized as the daughter of King Albert, 87, in October last year, Princess Delphine, 53, will make her National Day debut at the traditional parade at the Royal Palace. The new royal label will make a special statement through its attire. This writes Het Nieuwsblad.

According to the newspaper, Delphine van Saksen-Coburg will appear in an all-Belgian wardrobe on July 21. It is said that she consciously chose three relatively unknown designers. The artist found her dress and hat at Erratum Fashion by Molenbeek, which makes African-inspired fashion, the handbag from Mechelen’s /t award and shoes by Antwerp Morobé.

The selection of Erratum Fashion, the label of Guinean designer Siré Kaba, is particularly impressive. The designer wants to fight postcolonial stereotypes about Africa with her clothes. A bold wardrobe move by Delphine, given our country’s controversial colonial past in the Congo.

symbolic event

According to royal family expert Joe de Porter, the artist’s attendance at the show is a symbolic event. “The family, especially Philip, is doing their best to be a part of the 21st century,” he says. “And in this century there are simply newly formed families with ‘extra’ children. It’s the way life is today and they know it.”

However, that doesn’t mean we’ll suddenly see Philip, Mathilde, Delphine and the rest openly showing their affection. “It’s not a family where people are close and intimate with each other,” Joe explains. “Most members of that family actually prefer not to see each other. Moreover, during those public moments, they dress very tightly and are ‘pressed together’ at the fair. This is not conducive to rest and relaxation. I suppose they will greet each other in person on the As a courtesy, though I don’t think they’ll meet for a piece of cake after the festivities.”

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