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Privacy regulators warn video calling apps of privacy risks

A number of international privacy regulators advocate for Provide end-to-end encryption For all users of the video calling application. They also believe that the limits of standard encryption compared to end-to-end encryption should be clarified. This can be read in a file joint statement privacy regulators.

Privacy concerns in video calling apps

In July 2020, international privacy regulators from Australia, Canada, China, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Switzerland sent a message to the top five video calling apps. The message was sent to Cisco and Google, house partyand Microsoft and Zoom. In the letter, privacy regulators expressed concerns about aggregate and security of video calling applications. Concerns about these privacy risks have also been linked to the rapid increase in the use of video calling apps due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft, Google, Cisco and Zoom have responded to the letter. Video calling apps have clarified the privacy and security measures within their apps. After evaluating these responses, privacy regulators put together a joint statement.

End-to-end encryption

In the advertisement Privacy regulators make several recommendations. One of those recommendations Provide end-to-end encryption for all users Video calling apps.

End-to-end encryption It encrypts a message by code. This technology ensures that only the sender and receiver can see the content of the conversation. Many chat apps like The WhatsAppSignal and Wickr use this encryption to ensure user privacy. This encryption is not found in many video calling applications.

Privacy regulators believe that video calling apps should also have end-to-end encryption Applies to group chats. End-to-end encryption should be enabled by default in sensitive applications such as telehealth. Additionally, privacy authorities find it important that video calling apps inform users of the difference between standard encryption and end-to-end encryption. Users of the video calling app should be given several options to set their preferred encoder.

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Zoom Now announce that end-to-end encryption is available to everyone around the world. End-to-end encryption is suitable for both Enlarge users with a free account Available as paid subscribers.

Collection of personal information

Privacy regulators also believe that video calling apps personal information It should not stay longer than necessary. Also, this information should only be used to provide the Service. If the information is used for other purposes or for advertising, this must be clearly stated in advance.

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