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"Pro League, f*ck your hashtags": Lukaku reacts after Kompany and Anderlecht's first match against Club Brugge fell victim to racism |  sports

“Pro League, f*ck your hashtags”: Lukaku reacts after Kompany and Anderlecht’s first match against Club Brugge fell victim to racism | sports

Jupiler Pro League“He called us ‘brown monkeys’ and whatever.” Racist cries cast a dark shadow over the summit today. There are no official reports, the Professional League is analyzing the issue further. But the most realistic solutions actually came from … the Kompany himself.

It was a very nice interview with eleven sports After a fun summit. Vincent Kompany did not or could not give his analysis of the match: “Unimportant,” the RSCA coach thought. However, he came to say that some team members, players Amozu and Ashimiro, received racist comments during the warm-up period and the match. “We were called ‘brown monkeys,’ and whatever,” Kompany said. “There’s always something funny to tell, but we’re here with a lot of people who have given so much for this country.”

Kompany was gone after just a minute and 15 seconds. Journalist Eleven unsuccessfully tried to capture the eye-catching testimony. “I just want to go home. Relax and spend time with the people who are important to me,” were Kompany’s last words. He missed the press conference after that. I seldom get too excited.

Little by little, the Kompany interview seeped into the rest of the field. From the press room above the changing rooms to a mixed area. Perplexity is everywhere. Philippe Clement and FC Brugge in turn strongly condemned these incidents. “These individuals have no place in the club.” Noa Lang also expressed his anger via Instagram: “Shame on you!”

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The Purple & White also expressed regret for the incident in a statement. “By naming these incidents, we want to make clear that racism has no place in football and beyond.”

Another recent incident tarnished the image of Belgian football. There was the battered Manchester City fan, the anti-Semitic chants of Brugge fans in Sint-Truiden, the Berchot fan glowing at Antwerp’s career, the unrest in Liege…and now racist cries towards the staff and RSCA players.

Remarkable: Just forty minutes after the alarm sounded, the Anderlecht manager went to the referees and the match delegate to report the racist outcry. They only did so because the pieces of the puzzle didn’t come together until after media commitments and the Kompany rhetoric, which was only match-related. Only then were the different stories put together and the gravity of the situation became clear for Anderlecht.

But that was too late, according to the jury. The match sheet was already closed when the RSCA Team Manager was notified. As a result, they said they were no longer able to take any action. Anderlecht will continue to raise the issue through the referee team report, a form against which referees are evaluated, and will check internally whether he will take any steps himself.

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Wesley Hoedt, captain of the Purple and White Coats Room, spoke on behalf of the Anderlecht players. One by one – justified – swipe followed.

“They really have to act normally.”

“The people involved should take a good look in the mirror. I really don’t understand the distinction between people.”

To conclude with a call: “We, as players, are tired of this. There is a limit to what can be said and shouted. In England you can already see that racism is being dealt with firmly. It is time for the Belgian authorities to do the same.”

Romelu Lukaku also invited the Pro League to work via Instagram. “I hope you, Pro League, can finally get to work. An icon like Kompany gets scolded for the color of his skin… That’s enough!” F*ck Your hashtag, take real action now. “

Jan Vertonghen also made himself heard. “Pro League, we are waiting.”


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Spokesman Stijn van Beveer said the EFL would analyze the incident further. “We will look at reports from various agencies. We have our cooperation with Kazerne Dossin, which means that supporters who commit this crime can and should be sent there.”

Bruges police say official reports should not be expected. “We have not received any notification of this from the scammer tower. The football cell will investigate this matter tomorrow.”

Kompany himself suggested the most realistic solutions, as he had always been a champion of the fight against racism and discrimination. In a recent FIFPro report, he noted the importance of inclusivity in football and, by extension, boards. “Few experienced football officials know what it’s like to throw a banana at your head on the field. Or have to deal with inappropriate sexual comments. However, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are ubiquitous in football. If you are not If you have tested it, you are probably not of colour, female or gay.”

“Football has taught me that when people with different mindsets and skills come together, the best results can be achieved. We have already proven that on the field, now in the boardrooms. Until that is done, football will not be everyone’s game.”

Until the relevant authorities to start.

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