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Promotion: dementia prevention lifestyle campaign

Promotion: dementia prevention lifestyle campaign

number of people with mental illness It can go down all over the world through a healthy lifestyle. This is what psychologist Erin Heger stated in her thesis Towards primary prevention of dementiaIt investigates the relationship between lifestyle and dementia risk and advocates for large-scale campaigns.

Heger’s PhD research shows that people who lead an unhealthy lifestyle (based on the so-called LIBRA results) deteriorate faster and experience more brain damage than people who lead a healthier lifestyle.

Heger and her colleagues developed a Awareness campaign in association with MyBrain coach An app to introduce people to a brain healthy lifestyle. Shops, associations and organizations in Limburg can join as a friend of the campaign and thus help spread the message of the campaign.

It also investigated whether the campaign had an impact among more than 1,000 Limburgers. The campaign led to more awareness and insight among the people who dealt with it. Heger therefore argues in favor of a broader and more targeted launch of the campaign, preferably throughout the Netherlands.

Heger’s research was conducted at Alzheimer’s Centrum Limburg, which is part of Maastricht UMC+ and collaborates with GGD and several care institutions and general practitioners in the area.



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