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Proven Partners launched the Orientation and Space Festival

Proven Partners launched the Orientation and Space Festival

The first edition of Steering & Ruimte will take place on June 23. The main theme of the event: Promote team development and strive to the next level in self-organization.

Steering & Ruimte Festival is a new initiative by Proven Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in making organizations resilient. The aim of the event is to inspire professionals on topics that cut across organizational, team and employee development.

“After working primarily online for about two years, we are now reclaiming what we believe is an important ‘enabling factor’ for personal and professional development: gaining knowledge and learning together and in a personal way,” says Annemarie van den Broek. Proven partners.

Each festival focuses on a different theme. The first edition on June 23, at the Student Hotel in Eindhoven, has the working title: “Teams on the Move, Self-Regulation Next Level”.

During the day, visitors to the festival can participate in various training courses, workshops and sessions on this topic. This includes attention to team development and the coach’s role in that.

The questions that will be addressed during the workshops are: How do you design and build the ultimate work environment for teams? How to give each other insight into different personalities and competencies. How can you apply this information to form closer teams? How can a social intranet contribute to the effectiveness of team operations?

By participating in the thematic program, professionals can work on their skills, such as enhancing their awareness as a team coach, and gaining new perspectives on the added value of self-organization and teamwork.

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They also learn new working methods and are given helpful tips and tricks that they can apply in their team sessions. Finally, there is plenty of room for networking with colleagues in the field.

You can register for the festival at Proven Partner Site