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"Psychological help has become a way of life, who is not in therapy?"  -

“Psychological help has become a way of life, who is not in therapy?” –

Many people seek psychological help when they are already experiencing normal human feelings, says famous psychiatrist Damien Dennis in Volkskrant.

Twice as much is spent on mental health care fifteen years ago, while there are no more people with mental illness left. The reason, according to the psychiatrist, is that everyone with stress, gloomy feelings, or difficult personality traits goes to therapy.

Just like the famous Belgian psychiatrist Dirk de Wachter, Denis also believes that people have forgotten about natural suffering. He says that according to the figures, 17 percent of Dutch people suffer from depression. “If 17 percent are depressed, the criteria are very broad. Here feelings are already pathologically diagnosed, but it is part of normal life. But we no longer know it. Our self-reflection is disturbed.”

Dennis believes that one of the reasons is the high pressure from society. “The only legitimacy of natural failure is induction of disease: I don’t have sadness, but depression, my son isn’t irritable, he has ADHD. That’s how people end up collectively in this mental health system.”

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“Psychological help has become a vital thing, who is not in therapy? As a young person these days, you are no longer just taking a test drive, no, you can take the test drive with the help of an instructor. The University of Amsterdam has set up a cuddle room where students can have puppies. To reduce stress Before taking the exam. We no longer rely on our own strength to deal with problems, no, we hire third parties for that.”

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The people who really need care are the ones who fail. “The mistake that is happening now is that care is not getting to the people who need it most, people with mental disorders, people with schizophrenia, with bipolar disorders, who are on waiting lists. Those are the weaker people, who are not empowered, they can’t defend about themselves in a trading system.”

The psychiatrist thinks it’s okay to give up some of our independence. “Freedom can also mean: liberation from yourself, to stop for a moment focusing only on your self-development, your pursuit of success. We are part of a larger whole, of a web of relationships. Also of nature, which we destroy.”

Bronn (nen): de Volkskrant