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Pukkelpop can still be repaid up to 1.8 million euros

Pukkelpop can still be repaid up to 1.8 million euros

Pukkelpop will be reimbursed for costs already incurred for the canceled festival. In total, the amount can reach 1.8 million euros. This is what Flemish Economy Minister Hilde Krewitz (CD&V) said at VTM Nieuws.

Pukkelpop decides at the end of July to cancel the event as the number of people was expected to exceed 60,000 people because it was unable to meet for the required testing strategy. This happened after the organizers requested an advance of 1.8 million euros. This amount has already been approved, but not yet paid.

Minister Krevits confirmed that in recent weeks, the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship had further investigated the file and had ruled that Flanders would reimburse the costs incurred. VTM News. €400,000 has already been paid, but this could rise to €1.8 million.

The organization had to be able to deal flexibly with changing circumstances. But if suddenly thousands of people had to take additional tests, it would not be practical to organize this. Minister Krevits said the investigation has now shown that this is the case for the Buckkill Bob.

It is not yet clear how much Pukkelpop will ultimately be entitled to and when that amount will be paid. “First, the organization must provide all invoices and documents to verify the costs incurred,” Krevits’ government said. Furthermore, these must be non-refundable costs.

The minister also notes that the festival was able to recover part of the costs because it organized a smaller-scale event in Hasselt with Pukkelpopkwartier. “The income generated by this should also be taken into account.”

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Show us the money

Flemish MP Maurits Vande Reddy (Open VLD) said he was surprised by the news that Pukkelpop was still entitled to support from the Flemish government. The organization calls for complete transparency. Lots of weird things happened before the festival, like canceling artists and subcontractors beforehand. Anyone using public money should provide complete clarity. So my appeal to Pukkelpop remains the same: Show us the money‘, says Vande Reyde in response to Belgian.