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Putin calls the drama in Potia a “gross and cynical provocation” by Kyiv

Putin calls the drama in Potia a “gross and cynical provocation” by Kyiv

Russian President Vladimir Putin described, on Wednesday, the discovery of the bodies of civilians killed in the city of Butia after the withdrawal of Russian forces as a “crude and cynical provocation” by the Ukrainian authorities. He did this, according to a statement from the Kremlin, during a telephone conversation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.


It is the first time that the Russian president himself has responded to what has sparked a global outcry.

“Vladimir Putin (Prime Minister) reported on the situation during the talks between Russian and Ukrainian representatives” and expressed his opinion on “the rude and cynical provocation of the Kyiv regime in the city of Potia,” the Russian state news agency TASS quoted the Kremlin statement as saying. According to TASS, it was also said that Putin and Orban discussed some important issues in the relations between the two countries and the two leaders agreed to continue contacts.

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that there is now enough evidence that Russia is not guilty as much as Bhutia is concerned that the discussion on the matter could be closed. According to the spokeswoman, the discussion should focus on “the responsibility of the Kyiv regime and those who participated in this crime (…)”.

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