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“Queen Fabiola had a nose job”: Will the royals visit a plastic surgeon?  |  Property

“Queen Fabiola had a nose job”: Will the royals visit a plastic surgeon? | Property

“Does our queen actually use Botox?” Vincent Ference asks in his book, “Do the Royal Family Drink Soft Drinks?” Property expert Wim Dehandschetter can’t answer this question with certainty, but he immediately comes up with a funny anecdote. “When pictures of Queen Mathilde appeared on her 40th birthday, there was an immediate sensation. The pictures showed no wrinkles, her teeth were whiter than white, and she had no pimple on her chin. The suggestion of Botox was also made at that time. But after a while the photographer came up with an answer.” Clear: I’ve used special lighting techniques that ensure everything looks elegant.

“Can we then say that plastic surgery is taboo in royal families?” Verence wonders. But our property expert immediately contradicts this with a number of examples. “Queen Fabiola once had a nose job. She was not yet married to King Baudouin at that time. But now it is always said: She is already sculpted to become queen one day.

“Does it happen sometimes that it doesn’t look perfect?” Finally Vincent asked himself. “It happens, but it’s rare,” Wim emphasizes when he tells a new tale about the Dutch Queen Maxima. “A few years ago she took a long plane trip to Tanzania. When she got there, she seemed almost unrecognizable. Queen Máxima did not wear any makeup and was wearing glasses. She also replaced her heels with flat shoes. Finally, she also wore support stockings. Although this is not really a royal thing, she has received a lot of positive comments about it,” confirms the royal expert.

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