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Queen Máxima wears a coat dress to commemorate D-Day

Queen Máxima wears a coat dress to commemorate D-Day

Which the Royal family It’s no secret that we regularly look for clothing inspiration from each other. For example, earlier this year, we saw Queen Máxima wearing an outfit that could have come straight from Letizia’s closet, and the queens also have the same sexy dress in their closets. Princess Catherine, who recently announced that she has been diagnosed with cancer, also seems to be a source of inspiration. Or maybe it has to do with similar tastes. Anyway: Yesterday Queen Máxima wore a dress that Kate could have fished off the rack. We will catch up with you.

Maxima was seen in a charming coat dress

Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander were yesterday on Omaha Beach in France to attend the international D-Day celebration. 80 years ago, the liberation of Western Europe began with D-Day. For the occasion, Máxima chose a navy blue dress – which is what she chose. According to Josen from modekoninginmaxima.nlworn for the first time last year.

The dress in question is from Nathan (how could it be otherwise?) and appears to be a combination of a dress and a coat – a style that the Princess of Wales loves very much. For example, she wore a burgundy red dress in September 2023 and also has a bright blue dress in her wardrobe. It is no surprise that this type of dress is very popular among members of the royal family. It’s a stylish option, especially for events outside – you get dressed in one go, you don’t have to think about which coat goes with your outfit (or where to keep it if it’s too hot or part of the program is taking place indoors) and this dress is also a lot of fun . He watches:

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