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Queen refuses to hear Prince Harry's request for police protection

Queen refuses to hear Prince Harry’s request for police protection

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth will not allow Prince Harry to receive police protection during his visit to the United Kingdom. British media reported this. However, Harry indicated that he was willing to pay for it himself.

Now that Prince Harry, 37, and his wife Meghan Markle, 40, have left the British royal family and moved to the US, they are no longer entitled to police protection at the expense of taxpayers. So Harry formally asked if he could count on the police to provide round-the-clock security on future visits to the UK. He said he was now living “in exile” because he and his family would not have security if they were to visit the UK.

No, the Queen replied to his request. British media reported this. Harry is told that the police are not for hire and cannot be booked like a security company for the very wealthy. One insider said, “Your Majesty will not answer his question in any way.” the sun. “It is not in her prerogative. It is a matter for the government to decide. It comes down to who gets protection and who doesn’t. Protection is not something you can quickly ask the Queen.”

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