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Queen Waters sings about divorce on Clouseau's new record: 'When I sit alone in the evening, I sometimes have to swallow'

Queen Waters sings about divorce on Clouseau’s new record: ‘When I sit alone in the evening, I sometimes have to swallow’

Clouseau’s new record hits stores on Friday and is available across all streaming services. A topic that comes back more than once is Koen Wauters’ chapter on Valerie De Booser. “The processing started as soon as you could write songs about it,” Wauters says in an interview. latest news† “Although sometimes I still have to swallow.”

Excellent record young wolves Our reference books on Friday. Clouseau’s strongest record in ten years. Or even more superlatives: “On album 16, Koen and Kris Wauters look more manly than before, with pants full of zest. Like ponies in the body of experienced stallions.”

In the lead up to this record, relations between the two brothers broke down years later. And you can hear it in some songs. Because, as Chris Waters says, in the interview, “We wanted to set a real record. There’s nothing fake about it young wolves

You can especially hear Koen Wauters’ divorce on the record. “There are a few songs on record about my divorce and what this is doing to you. But now there is peace. If it’s quiet, that’s okay. I’m not alone, but sometimes I feel lonely. If I sit at home alone one evening and the kids are gone, sometimes I have to To take a nap. Of course, I wasn’t supposed to end up in this situation.”

He says he learned to be happy without anyone else. “Actually, I can now really enjoy being alone and doing my own things.”