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Race Against Time to get Sakur ready for Tokyo: “It worked really badly in the US” |  Athletics

Race Against Time to get Sakur ready for Tokyo: “It worked really badly in the US” | Athletics

Athletics watchers note that the great talent Jonathan Sacoor has not made progress and has even diminished since he moved to the US 2.5 years ago. His split from the University of Tennessee and his return to Jack Burley’s training group might be a godsend from this point of view.

Father Burley told Sporza that Sakur’s preparation for Tokyo would be a race against time. “After the first test, it was found that it has very little bearing capacity. After 200 meters it is completely emptied. So this will be the first task: conditionally making Sakur live up to the standard.”

Coach Burleigh is counting on a good month for this. Then, the 400-meter specified artwork will follow. The goal is to have Sacoor once again that light runner who appears to be floating over the track. The coach and athlete will then have a month and a half of that.

“Sure it will be good for the relay. We’ll see the best Sakur there again. But Jonathan still has to walk the bare minimum to be able to participate individually. Time is short for that,” Burley says.

The best time for Sacoor in the open this season is 47 “45, Olympic minimum should run 2.5 seconds faster. But when the physical build period ends and his technique gets better again, the former junior world champion will only have one or two chances to run at a time. Sharp, as the Olympic qualifying period ends on June 29.

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Bert Streux Radio Fellow Jonathan Sakur saw a pity on the world relays in Poland. Yesterday’s cheerful flap was away. Obviously, this had something to do with meager results, but the conflict with his American university had a huge impact as well.

Jack Burley: “Let me say first that they in Tennessee have done really badly with the best talent that Jonathan does for sure. They ignore all the recommendations that I gave them.”

“Jonathan basically had to run a lot of competitions, and it seemed like there wasn’t time to build up in good shape. I don’t know yet, but Jonathan also had a hard time focusing 100% on his sport.”

“So in the coming weeks we will also be working on the mental side to make him a great athlete again. That would be a challenge, but I think he could work in Tokyo.”