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Rainbow Six Siege - First look at Season 2 of Year 6

Rainbow Six Siege – First look at Season 2 of Year 6

Where adjusting boundaries in Season 1 can be seen as a minor revamp, in Season 2, the entire map has been rebuilt. The first thing that catches the eye, and what may keep many players out of sight, are the no longer indestructible walls on the outside of the building. This was one of the game’s greatest elements on the map, but players have to say goodbye to it.

The change is huge, but the idea behind it is good. Because of these walls and structure, the favela was a paradise for so-called spawn-peekers (cannons who shoot you before you even get to the building). By removing these walls and repositioning the windows, this is hardly possible. The downside now is that all uniqueness has been cured from the map.

The same thing happened with the favela inside. Where the building previously had a slight C shape, it is now rectangular. This means that moving around inside the building is a lot easier, but at the same time it is also a maze. Some nice things have been added, such as a trash chute that makes it possible to quickly flee from the enemy.

Overall, the map has been improved in terms of playability. Attackers are no longer afraid of falling after three paces. But with all the adjustments, Favela’s maps, one of the game’s most unique maps, have been narrowed down to thirteen out of a dozen.