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Reality check.  Diaz is surprised by a fierce video and a mistake in the country of "The Bachelor" |  TV

Reality check. Diaz is surprised by a fierce video and a mistake in the country of “The Bachelor” | TV

TV“Temptation”, “Ex On The Beach” or “Love Island”: they are pleasure where we are not at all sinner about feeling. And because we doubt you the same, we love you every Friday Knowing the inside and the outside in the real world. New pets, fights, or other (former) TV character antics: you’ll find it all here.

Oh, Margo!

Fabrizio “The Bachelor” Tzenaridis. © SBS

New week, new smear campaign in ‘De bachelor’. Thanks to Vanessa, who has become a confidant of Fabrizio in recent weeks. She said Bachelor degree That candidate Margot still lives with her ex-husband. Fabrizio was shocked, as was Margo, when he saw the photos. She showed it on Instagram, too. “I watch this episode with sadness and incomprehension,” it seemed. “My personal stories are revealed and presented in a completely different way. The power of gossip. I feel small and misunderstood. You robbed me of the opportunity to tell the truth. My life stories are determined by others and gossip creates unnecessary thoughts. This is probably the biggest life lesson I learned after watching this episode. Trust only yourself, because life is cruel and you can be easily deceived. ”

“I know I don’t have to justify myself, because I and the people around me who know me know that this is not the truth,” she continues. “My heart was with no one but myself. I will enjoy my adventures for a while, and try not to worry about them. I have learned so much from this and am still learning to this day. I stand strong in my shoes, And nothing can change that. But please remember, it is not always the truth that is said even by the people you trust the most.”

It was then that fellow candidate Sunny also joined the discussion and expressed her support for Margo. What’s more: Just like Margaux, Sanne and Fabrizio no longer follow Vanessa on Instagram…

Yornei had a tumor. And no, it wasn’t an Odem.

yurni from the movie

Yornei from “Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch”. © RV

“Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch” co-host Yurn Hendrix underwent surgery due to a tumor in her ovary. The reality star told this on her Instagram Stories. “I just had surgery,” Jørney says in the video as she lies on a hospital bed. “But as it appears now, everything is fine, so I’m really relieved.”

Warm dinner. or not.

Yorne and Odem from the movie

Yorne and Odem from “Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch”. © RV

They starred in the latest season of “Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch” and even sealed their love for their daughter, but in the meantime it finally ended between Jørney and Odim.

Maaaaaaaaaar…that makes good TV. Jørney and Odim can be seen in the first episode of season two of “Eating With My Ex” on Discovery+. For those unfamiliar with speed: Ex-husbands work their way through a meal, while answering questions in the meantime. The series can be watched from April 29, but unfortunately only in the Netherlands. Boo!

A new job for a generation

Jill won the first season of

Jill won the first season of ‘Big Brother’. © Joel Hoelaerts/Photo News

She won the first season of “Big Brother” – and the associated amount of money – but that doesn’t mean Dutch Jill is too lazy to work. For example, Jill not only works as an influencer, but also has a new job. She shared the happy news on her Instagram stories. It appears that “I applied because I wanted to do something extra besides my social media”.

At first, Jill worked as a flight attendant, but then changed her mind. It seems like “that’s not quite what I want anymore”. “But I wanted to travel again, so I thought: a travel agency. I applied at Tui, and I was hired!”

Jill won a

“Big Brother” winner Jill gets a new job. © RV

Regret always comes too late…


The “Island of Temptation” contestant, Rhodania. © SBS

A while ago, the “Island of Temptation” contestant chose Rhodania to live his life with a new nose. At first she was very happy about this, but three months ago she told Rhodania that complications had arisen. This contributed to the fact that she now deeply regrets the whole procedure. MORE: Rodanya has also removed her vlog about the process from her YouTube channel. She also no longer wants to answer questions about the procedure, as she stated during a question-and-answer session on her Instagram stories. “When I see crooked noses now, I think they are very beautiful,” it sounds. “And also: When I look at pictures of myself now, I realize I shouldn’t have done it. That says nothing about the process itself, by the way, how I see my nose. I think it’s cool now, although you can’t see the end result yet.” But: If I could go back in time, I would have thought about it longer, I might not have done it at all.”

We know that too!

Rudania, one of the participants in the program, regrets

Rhodania, a participant in the “Seduction Island” program, regrets her surgery. © RV

Diaz’s story

Our favorite reality tiger, Diaz.

Our favorite reality tiger, Diaz. © SBS

Cheers and cheers, because rapper Presta released his latest single with the song “Blind”. And he’s one of our favorite real-life tiger stars, Diaz. The song was written by Presta to make up for Diaz’s adventures over the past year. “A lot has happened,” Diaz said in a conversation with your favorite. reality queen† “There have been highs, but in particular a lot of lows. Not many people also know I’ve had a girlfriend for a while, but that too went wrong.”

This resulted in a dark song, with an equally powerful video clip. It shows, among other things, how a drowsy Diaz is lying on the sofa, apparently drowning. “Despite all the misery, I finally found myself again,” explains the star from “Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch” and “Celebs Go Dating.” “I have taken the necessary steps to organize my life – both private and commercial -. Thanks to Presta I can take that difficult period out of my life. I know many people suffer from such things, and I hope this will give them some relief.”

It’s hot in Beverst!

two spouses

The “Island of Temptation” couple Amber and Arda. © Christoph Jeslink

We wrap up this week with the glamorous “Island of Temptation” Amber. We didn’t know that Limburg had a microclimate, but that seems to be the case. And so Amber has taken off all of her clothes in favor of the underwear shown below. Buddy Arda – also known as “The Island of Temptation” – is already a fan. Right about that!

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