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Rebirth Island returns in Modern Warfare III, now Season 3

Rebirth Island returns in Modern Warfare III, now Season 3

Spring has begun, but the changing weather in the Netherlands doesn't fully reflect that yet. Fortunately, the world of Call of Duty looks a lot brighter with the introduction of a new season!

In the meantime, we have already reached the third season of Activision's most popular shooter. Rebirth Island, a small but beloved map in Warzone, is back. Additionally, the season brings a total of 6 new maps. This contains new versions of well-known maps, but also a number of new ones. For example, both the 6 Star Tropical map and the Destroyed Emergency map have been given a 24/7 mode so everyone can familiarize themselves with them at their leisure.

Of course, a new season also means a new battle card with goodies. There are new skins, weapons, and CoD points to earn. As a reward for purchasing the Season 2 Battle Pass, people received a Rick Grimes skin from The Walking Dead. This season, you'll get the Snoop Dog skin when you purchase the Battle Pass.

Oh, did we already tell you that there are new events coming, new missions available in Warzone, and new perks available as well? Are you getting curious? Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is now available!

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