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Red mist on Yuki Tsunoda?  He almost hit his teammate Ricciardo off the track after the finish

Red mist on Yuki Tsunoda? He almost hit his teammate Ricciardo off the track after the finish

The Bahrain Grand Prix did not provide much excitement, but there was plenty of excitement between his teammates Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo. Obviously, the Japanese could not accept the team's orders and went crazy after the race.

While Max Verstappen was on his way to victory at the Bahrain Grand Prix, there were fireworks between two of his RB teammates. A few laps before the end, Yuki Tsunoda was asked to let his teammate Daniel Ricciardo pass.

The Japanese was 13th and trying to pass Kevin Magnussen at the time, and Ricciardo was driving on new, soft tires and setting faster lap times. The team's decision did not please Tsunoda.

He made it clear in his onboard radio communication: “Are you kidding?” And the sarcasm “Thanks guys, I appreciate it.”

Things were really starting to heat up during the race, but after the checkered flag was raised, Tsunoda's pot boiled to the ground. During the exit lap he overtook Ricciardo at turn eight and almost collided with the Australian.

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Ricciardo's reaction included some expletives, and he was much calmer after the race. “Yuki was clearly disappointed with the team’s decision, but it was something we discussed before the race.”

An annoyed Tsunoda saw it differently: “I was actually about to overtake Magnussen. I found it incomprehensible, but I really don't want to talk about it. At the end of the race, Daniel didn't overtake Magnussen either.”

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Laurent Mekes, team director at RB since this year, was immediately able to put out a fire within the team. “Not making a decision would be a mistake. I understand Yuki's feelings, but if we look at the data together it will go away.”

Let's see if we see this synopsis in next year's Drive to Survive.