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Red Panthers lead briefly against Olympic champion Netherlands |  Pro Hockey League

Red Panthers lead briefly against Olympic champion Netherlands | Pro Hockey League

For fifteen minutes, national-level hockey women were allowed to dream of an adventure against the Dutch superpower. In the professional league, an international tournament for the country, they got ahead of the Olympic champion, but a crazy third quarter killed them. In 6 minutes he went from 0-1 to 3-1.


  • 16′ Vanden Bury 0-1 (penalty kick)
  • 33′ Borg 1-1
  • 36′ mo 2-1
  • 38′ worlds 3-1

Hat goes strong in the third quarter

A month ago, the Red Panthers had to admit their superiority in New Holland (2-0). It happened to her again.

Although the Belgian women’s hockey team turned out better. A good start was rewarded at the start of the second quarter. Vanden Bury sniper scored a penalty kick through a Dutch player.

Belgium entered the first half by a big margin, but in the third quarter, Orange helped our compatriots realize their dreams. Go from 0-1 to 3-1 in 6 minutes.

Wagener’s playground was filled with joy. Holland won again.

‘Very weak in the third quarter’

“In the third quarter we played very poorly,” top scorer Stephanie Vanden Bure realizes.

“We were late in every game. Lack of focus and energy. This should not happen again, we have to maintain our level for 60 minutes.”

“We needed some time to get into the match,” says Dutch international Laura Nonink. “Because we were on the field with a lot of new players. Because we haven’t played together since mid-October and our last match against Belgium”

“It makes sense that it took a while to find each other. After the break it was better,” you know.

Watch: Goals from the hockey derby

After two victories (1-0 and 3-1 over Germany) and two defeats, the Belgians are still second in the Professional Hockey League, but 6 of the nine nations have yet to play.

The Panthers’ next assignment will be a double confrontation with Vice Olympic champion Argentina, on February 12-13 in South America.

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