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Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in the stratosphere, which could affect GPS and satellites

Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in the stratosphere, which could affect GPS and satellites

Emissions Carbon Dioxide Man shrinks the stratosphere. According to a new study published on the website of European Geosciences Federation.

We’ve known for quite some time that carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) is heating the Earth’s atmosphere. Although this is not entirely true, it does heat up the troposphere in which humans live. This is the lowest layer of the atmosphere, with a height of about 20 kilometers.

Because of this warming, the troposphere is expanding and the stratosphere, which extends from about 20 to 60 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, is increasingly elevated. Additionally, when carbon dioxide enters the stratosphere, it actually cools the air, causing it to shrink.

Complex chemical reactions

“This could affect satellite orbits, orbital life, satellite retrieval, radio wave propagation, and ultimately the overall performance of GPS and other navigation systems in space,” the researchers said.

Scientists have long assumed that the stratosphere has shrunk due to the increased concentration of carbon dioxide. But for the first time, a study is being released that also clarifies this and shows that the stratosphere has been shrinking worldwide since at least the 1980s, when satellite data was first collected.

The researchers arrived at their conclusions using a small series of satellite observations made since the 1980s along with multiple climate models, which take into account the complex chemical reactions that take place in the atmosphere.

Earth’s axis shifted

“ The shrinking of the stratosphere is an indication of the climate emergency and the impact of humans on the scale of the planet, ” said Juan Anil of the University of Vigo, Ourense in Spain, who is part of the research team. Watchman. “It’s horrible,” it seemed. “This proves that we mess with the atmosphere up to 60 kilometers.”

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This discovery is the latest to demonstrate human influence on the planet. In April, scientists showed the climate crisis The Earth’s axis has shifted Because of the massive melting of glaciers that is distributing the weight around the world.