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Regi Q-Beach House opens onto the beach.  “Very happy to be back here” |  Ostend

Regi Q-Beach House opens onto the beach. “Very happy to be back here” | Ostend

OstendThe Q-Beach House is back and people obviously missed the summer bar. Immediately there was a long line waiting to get a seat on the balcony. It’s the 14th time Qmusic has moved its radio studio to Ostend Beach. Reggie immediately set the tone for summer. It remains to be seen if there will be more offers.

During the opening, Reggie performed with Olivia and Jaap Resima a summery mix of some of his songs. It was a special live show, because Jaap Resima started singing at the Q-Sunset Loft above Kursaal Oostende and Olivia started off the beach. Finally, they met at the Q-Beach House, where Regi was ready for the grand apotheosis. Not only is the audience happy that Qmusic is back on the beach and not in Maria-Hendrikapark like last year. “I can’t describe how wonderful it is to reopen the doors of Q-Beach House in Ostend, our ‘home base’ in the summer. These two months at Q-Beach House are the best months of the year. We welcome everyone here all summer to see us perform live and enjoy the great atmosphere,” As Qmusic DJ Vincent Fierens says.

Opening of Q beach house Oostende © Ben

Until August 31 – 15 Qmusic DJs do live radio daily from 10am-10pm, or 804pm, from their renovated balcony on Ostend Beach. The setting has been radically changed. This way you can visit DJ Coronaproof from the sea wall. So it’s easier for interested parties to move into the radio studio. Those who prefer just to have a drink or eat can enter the balcony downstairs. There is space for 400 people in different bubbles. The stage was then moved back to the balcony to avoid the influx of performances. . “We don’t have any news of performances yet. We would love a lot of live music, but we’ll have to wait and see what’s possible. We’re already very happy to be back here,” it seems.

Mayor Bart Tomlin is pleased to have the radio station back. “It’s a great added value to our city. “Ostend is in the spotlight all summer long and people come to our city especially for that,” said the mayor of Ostend.

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