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Rejecting women with the name American Coffee Bar Karen is the best thing on the internet

At a coffee shop in Los Angeles, USA, they put up a sign that reads, “I’m not allowed to talk to the Carans manager.” Bar wants to make fun of the women who complain when ordering. The sign was removed because some women named Karen were angry at the joke.

The name Karen has long been used to describe middle-aged women who complain in shops and restaurants. The coffee bar in Los Angeles jumped out at this ad and made its mark outside. Some women named Karen could not help but laugh at this joke. They called it “bullying” and “racism”.

This sign caused negative reviews on the internet. As a result, many gave the coffee bar a 5 out of 1 star rating. “If I could score less than 1 star, I would do it,” one customer insulted.

In addition, the bar also served coffee in cups labeled “Anti-Karen Serum.” Humor clearly does not apply to everyone. Bar, meanwhile, removed the sign and replaced it with a new sign: “We escaped an epidemic, we will escape your bad reviews.”

The name Karen has also been given very little to children in the past year. The name was very popular, but dropped 171 places in the ranking of the most popular baby names. 33,000 Karen were born in 1965, and now there are only 325.